Sunday, May 07, 2006

Boring Glory

Ah, the joy of simple routines ! The glory of the mundane ! I am content in the practices ! I have clean laundry ! St Hunnah, I revere you !
SO, I am back on Sunday schedules. Though it pays time and a half and I should be greatful for the chance to earn more money for what I do on a regular basis, I am not entirely that. I arrive on Sunday mornings with an aire of menace and malice. Not particularly beneficial qualities to posess when dealing with English challenged visitors, still, I'm good at it on a Sunday morning. I can only guess how awesome I would be if I was hung over. .. no, I am merely a spoiled brat who wants to be in her jammies nursing a cheap coffee until mid afternoon. The Sunday crew is pretty congenial and seem to be genuinely happy to be making that kind of coin. I get pleasanter as the day goes on. I am downright cheery at 4:30. I sprint to the subway at 5:03.
My solitude awaits my twilight arrival. On the way home, I bought a bag of salad and ripe avacado. A simple satisfying dinner . I slip into the sweat pants and throw in the load of laundry I had prepared last night for this very opportunity. I carve the avacado and toss the contents of the instant salad. The avacodo is perfect. I let the salad sit . I strip the linens off the bed and change the sheets. I stuff it all in one of the pillow cases and bring it down to the washing machine. I sit down to enjoy the perfect salad and an evening of network tv. It's all stuff I haven't seen before. I channel surf amongst 60 Minutes, King of the Hill and the TAPS marathon on the Sci-Fi channel. When the hour changes over, I surf TAPS, Jericho and L&O:CI. When the next hour changes over, I stick to Gray's Anatomy. The little baby portion of the episode makes me cry.
Here I sit, 4 hours of network tv and 2 loads of laundry behind me . I puttered some. I wish I could have puttered more tonight. However, a freshly made bed awaits my attentions. Please forgive if this sounds boring to you , but this is almost heaven to me.


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