Monday, May 01, 2006

Lucky # Sleven

My friend Cathy and I went to see "Lucky Number Sleven " tonight. We loved it. It stars Josh Hartnett ( Oh so dreamy "broken" nose and all)Lucy Lui-A Doorbell ! Morgan Freeman, Sir Ben Kingsley -just great as the Rabbi. Danny Aiello, Stanley Tucci and Bruce Willis. I really don't want to like Bruce Willis, but he was so good in this movie. Very understated , yet still amazingly powerful.
The set was very 70's . It was so 70's that we couldn't immediately determine in which era the movie actually takes place. All the costumes and furnishings are very retro but they have flat screens and cell phones, so it's not back then. The story itsef is very complicated and 3/4 of the way through I was getting pissed because I felt like we might not have the purpose of the ride revealed. However, my questions were answered.
There was one scene where Lucy Lui and Josh Hartnett are on a date and she's eating spaghetti. I remember someone once saying that spaghetti is not a good first date food. I think Dan Sally once said the true test of a first date is eating barbecued chicken wings in front of each other. His theory was that that is more of a long time relationship food.
Yeah , okay , maybe that's a little random . . . but that's what I'm thinking. I liked the movie.


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