Sunday, April 30, 2006

Penultimate Show

It's my second to last show of my month as "Comic in Residence". First off, some guy in the audience offered to buy all the comics a drink. All the comics a drink ! Sharey , the waitress , had to keep going up to people in the dark and whispering "Paul wants to buy the comics a drink. What do you want?" I had a bottled water. Thanks Paul !
The audience was really ready to laugh. They were in a great mood. Even though some of them were late because the Zombie parade shut down traffic on Mass. Avenue for a bit. There were police cars and everything ... . where are the Walsh Brothers when Zombies are parading ? Oh right, In LA, maybe starting real careers. .. 'n stuff.
Rick started the show before 8:10. It was standing room only by 8. The place was pretty packed -not Christmas show packed-but it was packed. The audience really loved Rick. They were really giving it up . Consequently, I thought I did pretty good , too. I just mixed it up a bit. Doing the recently added material mixed in with the other stuff. I was enjoying myself , until I got to the end of the coffee can bit-when I realized there was no one in the booth to flash the light AND I was over my time, I stuttered through the ending and then I forgot it ! I hate when that happens ! It 's a variation on people (meaning me) telling a story , it goes a little long, and then they forget why they (I) started telling the story in the first place. What was the point ? Is there a connection to what we were talking about before ? Like that there. I stopped short after that, because I was sweating that I had gone over. I just don't want to go over. It's impolite to the other comics. Overall , I felt very good about tonight's set.
Then it was Jon Rineman, I know he was getting laughs, but I wasn't paying attention because I had taken it upon myself to go do the light in the booth. When he was done, he came back to the booth and took over from there. I descended, feeling he knew what he was doing. I don't quite remember the order. I think Shane Webb was next. I always like seeing her, she just has such a nice way about her . I think her material has a nasty cast to it, which I also find endearing. Then , little Renata Tutko , Sean Sullivan, Cyndi Stiles. Tissa Hami did a great job. Joe Wong closed the show. The audience loved him . It's always amazing to me that he can A) Write such good jokes and B) He's doing it in a second language ! His material is frequently very verbal and I am amazed at how he phrases his jokes. Always impressive.
Half way through the show, I got a little sad thinking about my month ending. It's not like I won't be trying to perform other places, but I had been looking forward to my month for so long and it feels like it barely started and it's almost over. Though, truth be told, I am very tired and I'm looking forward to a night or two off. One more show to go . . . .


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