Saturday, April 29, 2006


So, I came in to do the show tonight and Mr. Jenkins said I was going to host the show. I only faltered for 2 seconds and went "Thank you Sir, May I have another ?". It was unexpected , not not undesired. I have long harbored an insane belief that I could host a show. Tonight was the night, I just wished I had been dressed better . . . you know a leather skirt and pointy toed high heeled boots. . . . but I was dressed comfortably. I believe that the feeling comfortable will help me do a better job. Mr Jenkins gave me precious little by way of directions. I happen to know to tell people where the bathrooms, exits and thermostat were. I introduced the waitresses and bartenders . At the end of the show, I invited people to come again and that we had shows here 6 nights a week -Magic Show on Tuesdays. I tried to channel my energies into being energetic and positive. My friend Dee-Rob and I had written down what we thought a good host should be and do. Fortunately for me, I have had occassion to look at my notes 3 times in the last year. So, our musings were readily accessable in my brain.
However, I worked all day , too, so my ass started to drag a little bit towards the end. I was able to do material and I had something kind of funny to say about each of the comics without being denigrating. However, I may have been a little too enthusiastic about keeping the show going, because at 9:15 we only had 2 comics left. ... but we ended up making it to 10 PM !
So, in the audience , at various times were Maggie MacDonald, Pruhfessor, Mike Sweeney and JJ Leslie. Amanda Beals did the door but did not do stage time. I tried to be conscientious about getting introductions. Pat McCloud wrote his out for me and I couldn't remember it! Then I was afraid I would screw up Amy T's intro , she had written it for me as well. First up was Rick Jenkins. I'll tell ya-that was wierd ! I've gotten really used to him doing that for me. I thought Rick did a very good job. I introduced him as the founder of the Comedy Studio. .. maybe made him sound a little more institutional than he actually is. Jesse Gersten - I introduced him as being recently married and the inventor of those wheelie sneakers.He said it didn't matter how I introduced him ! Maybe not completely clever and funny. Then Debra Farrar-Parkman - she was a little concerned I might get a little too effusive , I toned it down- but she is accomplished. She did really well. Then Pat McCloud, he ran out of time , he did crowd work, completely unrattled. Good for him ! Next was Amy T, I think she was concerned about a couple of her new jokes, but she was great. The crowd really liked her. Sean Sullivan did a great job, but I think they got scared half way through his set. I especially liked his little porn piece. Then Tom E. Morello. His usual good job, he had some extra time , so he did some new material. Then Joe Wong brought it all home.
They were a generous but subdued audience. They were laughing earlier and then I think they just got tired. Rick commented to me that I might have gotten a little tired as well and that the trick in hosting would be to resist that fatigue. I am , across the board, having trouble resisting fatigue. I was very excited to be hosting tonight and if I had had time to prepare , I think I would have written sections of my jokes , so I would have ready access to them in my pocket, should my brain let go. I was very pleased that I didn't back down and it was actually fun for me. Which, at the end of the day, is what it should all be about. It is why I want to do this. Thanks Rick !


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