Thursday, April 27, 2006


Well, tonight's set went much better than I would have been able to plan for. I may actually be able to achieve my goal of having 5 new minutes of material by the end of my reign.
So, we had a good size house. Liz Simons had a lot of people come and Phil Yebba also had a lot of people. I , too, had a couple of friends in the audience. My friends Mark & Lydia and the musician Owen Plant. I was humbled that they would take the time to show up for me. It was very nice. Oh, and there also seemed to be people who had stumbled into the show completely unawares. . . and stayed !
They really weren't giving it up for Rick. As near as I could tell, they liked political dick jokes. .. and then Rick brought me up. SO, I did most of the same material I did on Sunday night with a few modifications. I think the new stuff will soon be bright and shiney with enough attention. I found some more new stuff in there tonight. I must be on my right track. I was also surprised by how a subtle attitude shift has made all the difference in the world to me. It's not a very positive position to go on stage not caring what the audience thinks. .. not that I care what they think but that I am not going to let their reaction to my material hold as much sway. Of course, keeping in mind , that the goal is to be funny and have fun. If I can't be funny then I can at least have fun. I know how to have fun by myself, it's just doing it in front of a room full of people that is going to take some getting used to. SO, I'm pretty pleased about tonight's show. Not nearly as resigned. . . nor as completely without hope.
So who was in the audience watching the show. . .Sean Sullivan stopped by, as did Elijah Jospeh, Maggie MacDonald, Shaun Bedgood and a couple of comics from Maine, they came down with Tuck. On the bill were Steve Albert, Daniel Forlano, Baratunde, Chris Torres, Tuck and Steve Calechman. Liz Simons was doing her second to last Boston set, she's moving to New York next week. I will miss her . She was really nice and very funny. That's why all her peeps were there tonight and Phil Yebba. I hadn't seen Phil before and I thought he was very funny. I liked his writing . Also, I always like seeing Steve Albert, I always get the feeling from him that he's loboring away in a janitor's closet somewhere , working on his material when he should be unclogging toilets or cleaning up vomit. A civil servant man of mystery. . . .
As an aside, The Boys & Girls Club sent Rick a fruit arrangemnet in honor of the Studio's 10th anniversary. It arrived on Saturday and they just notified Rick about it tonight. Steve Calechman made the snarky remark "They just didn't know what it was " (Meaning you would never find fresh fruit at the Kong. Which is ridiculous, that's "fresh " fruit in the Scorpian bowls !) He put it on the side bar and invited everyone to help themselves. By the time I got over there, all the pineapple bits were gone . Ah well. .. . . . .there's always a scorpion bowl.


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