Saturday, April 08, 2006

Show #7

Ahhhhh. . . Where do I begin ? I'm tired. I worked all day today. I haven't had a day off in two weeks. I feel tired and I look tired. My scheduled day off is a week from tomorrow. When I am this fatigued, it is difficult to be creative or even try to think of things. I can't believe I used to be out every night of the week-I'd work all day and then be out rehearsing or performing and thren drinking and then get up and do it again, day after day after day. Performing at an inferior level was completely acceptable to me. It didn't matter that I felt like shit, I was out there "Doing it". Tonight, I just want to curl up in my sweatpants and eat tortilla chips and 7 layer dip while my laundry whirls around in the washing machine . . . . .
Tonight 's crowd was tough. They were not as willing to give it up. There was a glitch with the mike, I don't think it was anything I did, but Rick's opening intro sounded like he was performing at the bottom of a canyon. I did the Welcoming intro, I'm usually psyched to do that, but when the house lights went down, so did the lights in the booth and I couldn't read the intro. I would say it was a soft opening tonight.
So, I thought I 'd change up my performance attire a bit and I wore tweed pants and a reed wool sweater set. I felt I was nicely dressed, but it wasn't an outfit to feel funny in . It's more an outfit to work the reception desk or attend a co-workers baby shower in. I shant wear it for comedy again.
I opened with a new set-up and closed with what I thought was new joke ,but I think it's still more in the "good premise" stage. In the middle of my set , it sounded like someone was talking on a cell phone and I stopped what I was doing and said "I'm sorry . Am I interupting someone's phone call?" Silence. "Oh, I thought I was bothering someone." I wasn't funny. I was actually kind of pissy and then I went back to my material. I know I announced at the beginning of the show to turn off all cell phones and pagers. Probably somebody just got a new cellphone and wasn't used to it yet. Yeah, and mokeys might fly out of my butt. Andy Ofiesh took me aside after my set and suggested I needed some material to address that sort of thing like "Hey ! Shut the fuck up !".
The audience was really pretty stingy tonight. O rI felt they were and some other comics who performed tonight shared my sentiment. Frankly , I don't think they gave it up until Doug Chagnon loosened them up with some racist and flatulence jokes. He actually is able to combine outrage at racists with flatulence and that's just a winning combination in anyone's book ! I think Doug is a good writer and he always has something that surprises me. By the time Andy got to the stage , all he would have to do is say "fart" and they were laughing. Rick actually got up and said something like "Shit , cock, piss"(I'm paraphrasing) and got a laugh. He said "Oh you're that kind of a crowd" And they were. So, what I really need is some sort of joke that helps me gauge the audiences temperature and then , if they're blue, I need to have a bunch of porno /stripper jokes. Or perhaps, strippers with gas and the hilarity that ensues when encountering the pole at work.
Overall , I'm pleased that I tried something new. I remembered all the stuff I wanted to do. I don't think the outfit I wore was a "Funny" outift. I'm digging being there and watching all the comics. I look forward to getting the dvd of what I've done so far.
I'm tired, I don't have a good ending for this . Thank you and good night.


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