Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nana Gets a New Phone

Well, I've been looking at this one new phone since before Christmas. I had heard about it last October and I figured, when it was time to upgrade, I would get that phone. I checked it out at the store near one of my jobs. It was $250.00, with a $50.00 rebate. Hmmmmm, okay , I'll think about it.
I called my carrier a couple of times checking on different features. I wanted something that I could check my email from. Frankly, I could have done it from the phone I already had, but I didn't like the keypad . My buddy, Chris Oake, had a nice little phone and the price was only $99.00. He can check his email from movie sets. He can also send stuff from his nifty little gadget. My best friend and her husband got each other Iphones for Xmas this year and my buddy Denise had gotten an Iphone when they were first launched. Yes, she stood in line and waited for the little darlin's to go on sale. She was very happy with her thingy as well. I had a little bit of Iphone envy but I absolutely detest the carrier for the Iphone. I would rather carry tin cans and string with me than have to deal with that company again. But , yes, I wanted what they had. It's not envy just interest. An awareness that things in my life could be a little more convenient . Really, there's nothing worse than being on a movie set for 12 hours and having no access to email. Most of us carry our phones. So. . .. I should get email on my phone.
Today and tomorrow, here in Massachusetts, there is a sales tax free day. Any purcheses besides a car or a boat and no food are tax free today & tomorrah. So today , after working a convention, I went to the store for my phone service carrier (please note that I am not actually saying the name of the carrier because I don't want them to spambot me. .. or whatever kind of monitoring devices big brother employs , I ' d rather not draw any attention to myself). SO, I figured today was the day. The price for the phone came down last week. It was now $99.00. And apparently , because I was re-upping, I got some kind of credit and combined with the $50.00 the final cost of the phone, with the accessories, will end up being about $50.00. I have to fill out a couple of forms, but that's going to be okay for me. The young man who helped was very nice. He showed me how to place a call, get to the internet and take a picture.Then he sent me on my way.
In the parking lot , my first call went to my best friend Margaret and my intention was to send an email from my phone to my friend Denise. I had to wait until I got home to send her that email, but she was the first. I've been reading the instruction manual and I'm having a hard time figuring it out. I can get to Gmail & MSN and I can open my accounts but I can't get the email open. I'll check with the kids at work, I'm sure they can help me get it fired up. It may also be that I'm just too tired from the day to concentrate on the instructions. I've already done way more with this phone in the last couple of hours than I did with other phone over the last couple of years. It was quite convenient to check the interent from my bed. Yes, I have a laptop but this is much cuter and it fits in the palm of my hand. Actually , it fits in my 2 hands.
I can't believe I'm particpating in all this new technology. I remember driving down the Henry Hudson Parkway in New York when it struck me that I was communicating with someone like they used to communicate with those little devices on Star Trek. It was a nifty little phone . At that moment I was in "The Future" they had envisioned. I can't wait until teleportation becomes a reality . Think of all the money we will save on gas !
I changed my momthly minutes and added a data plan. So, it won't cost me too much more a month to get this thing going. It defeats the prupose to put myself in debt for something I want "NOW". I feel pretty good about this. As soon as I get it going, I'm going to feel even happier.


Blogger Dee-Rob said...

Congrats on the new toy and entering the modern world. Some geeks like what you got because of the real live keyboard.

I think I've used all of the phone companies, and yours is a good'un.

Thanks for texting. Email when you get that cooking.


Sunday, August 17, 2008 3:09:00 AM  

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