Thursday, November 29, 2007

Double Duty

At the moment, I am at the second job of the day, the fifth of the 5 jobs I currently have in rotation. This morning I worked at the booth and now I am at MIT. They have changed the gallery hours, so I am here from noon to 8 PM. A long day , but a "Double-Dip" day. So far, it has been very quiet.
I did get a call from The casting company checking my availability for tomorrow. Originally , I scheduled tomorrow for extra work but they were checking everybody's availability for Saturday on Tuesday. Maybe I'll get to work both days. Who knows ? I got one of my friends from the record store ready in the wings in case I need coverage for Saturday. Though I know she would rather have the day off, she would cover for me. She's a good friend.
This is a pretty novel experience for me , blogging from my own laptop at work. Though I blogged from my trip to Scotland, I rarely have my computer with me at work . It's pretty cool. I don't have to get off the computer so someone can look something up . I can look at whatever I want and I don't have to worry about incovneniencing anyone. Oh this modern age is a wonder !
The only drawback to a long day like today is I'll get home so late. It'll take me a while to wind down and I probably won't get much useful puttering accomplished. I need to do laundry. . . . . .


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