Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This Ain't Writing. . . . .

It's past midnight. I just saw "No Country for Old Men" for the second time in one week. I have to be up around 6 am.
I still don't have my car. Don't know when I 'm getting it back.
My best friend from high school's dad passed away. Mum and I went to the wake and the funeral. It was beautiful service. He was a fun guy and he will be missed.
I worked as an extra in a film that's being shot here in Boston starring Caneron Diaz. Technically, we were in a scene together but she was so far away from me , I could only hear her voice being played through the monitors.
I worked a convention on Saturday . It was really busy but we got a lot of pens out of the deal.
I'm doing the Comedy Studio tomorrow night.
That is all. I haven't had much time to write. When I do have time to write my friggin' computer decides it doesn't want to accept my words. The old Blogger was on the fritz.
Hopefully, I will have time to write on Thursday.


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