Monday, November 12, 2007

I've Been Busy. . .. .

I really have. It's 2 am on Veteran's Day. I worked the booth , then met my friend and her husband who was visiting from California and then I went to work a party for the band "the Police" . Yes, I was at the same party as Sting was. I was working as a "waitress' who gets gradually more and more intrusive. My friend got me the gig. I only found out about it on Wed. I did not worry about it too much. I think I did okay, but I think I was too believable as a waiter and then I had no where to go. But I think it went fine. I did what I was supposed to do .
Yesterday, I worked a convention until 7 PM and then I drove out to Townsend to do an open-mike /audition at the VFW up there. It was a small but appreciative audience. No money , but the idea would be to get seen to maybe get some paying gigs. It was an hour up and an hour back. It went much better than my last foray into the stix. The thing that impressed me the most was that they still allow smoking up there inside the building. I thought that was awesome. No, I don't smoke, I just thought it was very Retro. Friday , I worked a convention and got home around 9:30. I pretty much just collapsed into bed.
Thursday, I worked at the booth and then did a murder-mystery show for a plumbers organization. It was a brand-new show and the girl who usually works with them wasn't available. Little did I realize, it was the first time they had ever done the show. No rehearsal. I really had to be off book, and , surprise, I was . The plumbers and their wives were very feisty and randy but they seemed to have a good time . Though, I thought it was a lot of time to do a show like that . Our pick-up was 5:30 and I didn't roll through the front door of my home until 12:30.
Last week, I had an audition for a role in a movie that's going to be shooting in Boston. Early this week, I had a call-back. That's pretty good. I didn't get the part , but they've been calling me looking for SAG card #'s and measurements and availability. Though no one has said what they want me for , either way. It appears that they may use me as a "Featured Extra" which means I'll be on the set for at least 5 days if not more. As far as I am concerned, every day I am on set is another opportunity for me to possibly get an upgrade.
So, now I'm tired. I haven't written anything because I haven't been around to write anything. I will keep you posted.


Blogger Dee-Rob said...

You are an inspiration of business. I did laundry -- The sum total of my weekend accomplishments. And, made the bed.

Monday, November 12, 2007 5:29:00 AM  
Blogger Dee-Rob said...

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Monday, November 12, 2007 5:29:00 AM  

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