Saturday, October 06, 2007

Saturday Night

I've been going night and day for the last week. I worked today at the record store and then I went out to dinner with my friend and her husband. We went to "Tu y Yo" in Powderhouse Square. It is a Mexican restaurant and the food was really good. I am tired .
I saw "The Kingdom" earlier in the week. It was good. I really like Jamie Foxx and Jennfier Gardner. On Tuesday, I went out to Worcester with My friend, her husband and her her sister to see Elvis Costello and Bob Dylan. Elvis performed alone on stage with just his guitar and he was amazing. It was like he had a 10 piece band onstage with him . It was amazing how he could fill up the auditorium with his voice . He was really inspiring. Bob Dylan had a great back-up band but his voice was really unrecognizable. It was like a raspy whisper. It was like I was listening to someone speak French- I understand some of the words , but most of it is unintelligible.
Wed. night was a work related open house . It was held at Summer Shack in Cambridge and it was really terrific. I had oysters, scallops wrapped in bacon, little corn dogs, swordfish on a stick and crab salad rolls. I hung out with a couple of girls from work and our new and the former managers. Though I was home by 9 PM, it was still a long day.
Yesterday, I worked a convention and then I just came home and crashed. I hate being this fatigued. Now , it's a Saturday night about 9:45 PM and I am ready for bed. Maybe I should start taking speed . . . . .


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