Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's Hawt Heyah

Oh Man ! So much for a traditional New Englad Fall. It's in the 90's. I'm dripping flop sweat like Albert Brooks in Network, no, it wasn't Network. Crap ! What 's the title of that film anyway ? It starred William Hurt and Holly Hunter. "Broadcast News"? Ah . . never mind, you get the picture.
It's really , unseasonably hot here.
Saturday night, I did the Studio. I had a good start and acceptable ending but the middle part dragged. Don't know why, it just did. Though, I felt very good about what I did. Brian Longwell was on the show and he was terrific. I had planned on posting the line-up but I can't remember what everybody did. I thought it went well.
Monday night , Kiki and I went to see Eastern Promises. Very violent but very good. I reccommend it. Today was a long day. I am ready to go to bed.
Yeah, I know, this isn't particularly interesting writing. Frankly , I don't have anything really interesting to say . I worked and now I'm home.


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