Monday, June 25, 2007

Another Monday Morning

So, I worked a convention over the weekend. 11 hours on Saturday and 11 1/2 on Sunday. It was relatively quiet for a convention . There were over 3,00o attendees and I think we interacted with about 20 of them. I went to bed early Friday and Saturday and I couldn't help but fall asleep early last night. I woke up early today but I turned right over and went back to sleep. I don't have to be at work until noon-ish today. I'm nursing a cup of tea and a cup of oatmeal. I am going nowhere fast.
The work I do at a convention is to answer fairly general questions about the City of Boston. I show people where they are on a map and I circle where they are trying to get to on the same map . I make restaurant recommendations and reservations. I tell them how to use the public transportation system and how best to use it to get where they are going . I am still amazed that you can take the T to your ariline terminal for $2.00 ! Of course, If you don't have a lot of luggage, that 's very feasible.
My friend Dee-Rob wasn't quite clear about what I do. She was picturing me draped across various car model hoods. Nowadays, I only drape my self for personal reasons. This body doesn't look that appealing in tight pants and tube tops anymore. In fact, most of my pants these days are "tight pants". But I don't think that's what they're looking for in a convention model. At least , not the conventions I 've been working .
The job is mostly pleasant. The people are generally in a good mood and they are going to restaraunts that they are not paying for . The company is paying ! Even if they are paying there can be a discount on their taxes at the end of the year because it's for work.
I have to dress nice , but I don't have to dress too fancy. Ideally , I like to wear a suit or a skirt and blazer type get-up. I wear comfortable shoes on the train and change into heels when I get there. I wear make-up and re-apply mid day because it usually melts off by two o'clock. It gets pretty cold in there, the air conditionoing is really terrific, I carry a scarf to use in case it gets too cold. Most of us bring something to read . I almost always have magazines to catch up on. It's a good opportunity to get some of those read and trashed. I bring a lunch and snacks. I try to bring smart snacks, like an apple or a yogurt. Every once in a while a co-worker will bring a bag of chips or cookies . I'm only human. I'll have some.
So, that's what I usually do at a convention. I should be getting my day started. I hope this was no too boring , but that is what I really do... . . and that can be a little boring. Have a great day !


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