Friday, June 22, 2007

Aaaahhhhhh. . Home !

Oh it feels so good to be home. I have been out every night for the last two weeks and I 've been working 7 days a week , out every night. Getting home at 10 PM doesn't count as "being home" for me .Tonight, I did my grocery shopping ,had a nice salad for dinner, did a load of laundry and now I am waiting for my toenails to dry because I haven't done a pedicure on myself since last summer. It's nice to be in the house and just putter. I'm going to rub cream on my feet and and slip on some cotton socks and that should give me nice soft feet. When the feet are soft , it keeps them from drying out or getting calloused. Okay, maybe that's obvious to the rest of you , but I just haven't had the time to soak my feet.
I'm working a convention tomorrow and Sunday, 11 hours tomorrow and 11 1/2 on Sunday. If I want to wear sandals, I will be able to, now. However, I am sure I will be a project to handle on Monday. Good luck, world !
I am in my jammies. I am drinking a lot of water. I will be well rested for the activities of the weekend. .. . which will just be working. I'm glad to get the extra work, I need the money . I still haven't paid off the last repair to my car. I sent them another check , today.
I realize I am rambling, but I just wanted to write something. I've set the alarm for tomorrow. I've already but my badge in my bag . I have an idea of what I will wear tomorrow. I have to dress nice . It doesn't have to be all glamorous, I just need to look like I care. I guess, I should always look like I care. . . . . .


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