Saturday, October 21, 2006

Comedy Studio Tonight !

I did a spot on the show tonight at the Comedy Studio. I had worked at the record store today and had to drive the boss home. He was in a car accident yesterday and he doesn't have his car. I didn't have much time to get ready after work for the show. The Charles Regatta is in town, so I was worried about getting a parking space. I couldn't believe my good luck to get a space on a nearby street. All the other spaces had "No Parking" signs on them but for some reason, 5 spaces did not. I would assume that some enterprising young Harvard Undergrad just ripped the signs down on that part of the block. It was definitely to my benefit. I broke approximately 3 traffic laws trying to make it on time. What is it about rowing fans that make them such slow drivers ?
Rick let me do the opening announcement and bring up the stage lights. I did the lights fine , but I wished the music fade was a little smoother. Still, they could hear what I was saying. I hope I wasn't too strident, but no cell phones went off during the show ! SO, Rick Jenkins hosted. He had a really nice gray/beige suit. He looked very nice. The audience wasn't giving it up for him. His biggest laugh was Republican sex joke. He did a couple of new jokes that I really thought were funny. Then he brought Comic in Residence this month , Renata Tutko. I really like her writing and stage presence. Plus , she's just a nice kid. She did great material. still, the audience was stingey with the Ha-Ha's. Then the great Ellen Moschetto, Tony's sister. She had some good new jokes. They liked her, but not as much as they should have ( as far as I was concerned).
Then , the return of Dan Sulman. He mixed some of it up and then he did the old tried and true. I thought he did a good job and it was good to see him performing again. Then Pat Boccuzzi had the unenviable task of following Sulman. Audiences like Pat. I thought he did a fine job, but that audience was being very picky. After that was Maggie MacDonald. Her writing is really good and , at first , they really liked her and then they turned on her material because she really looks too "Cute" to be talking about that stuff. But ,seriously, her writing is awesome.
I was next. I started off with telling the audience that I was there to have a good time, I looked forward to this all week and too bad if they didn't like it. I kinda free-balled it at the beginning. There was a bachelorette party in the audience and I talked about being a Maid of Honor again, the second time for the same bride. The girls liked it, but I think it could be way funnier than I am doing it now. Meaning, I think it's a good premise (it's true) but it's not a joke. Then I switched up some of my usual material , I think it's an easier order, but I didn't get to all the stuff I had planned on ... . . because. . .. .I forgot. I did the booth sutff, which has been pretty consistent. Tim McIntire gave me a tag to the Liberty Bell bit. I hope I remember it(I'll write it down.) Then I did the suicide bit and my time was done. Though I felt like I was doing a good job at the time, and the laughs sounded like they were there, I felt shakey. Not nervous shakey, hypoglycemic shakey, I didn't have dinner. Probably not the best excuse for lack of focus, but it's true.
After me, was Bob Hagaerty doing his politician bit from his one man show. I thought it was really good and the audience bought the character. I really admire Bob for doing that character bit. I wish I could figure out a character bit to do. Then , Tim McIntire brought it all home. He is such a good writer and I don't feel worthy to share a stage with him. I wish I could get him Rock Star gigs, because that 's what he is . He is just a joy to watch. He told me he only did one new bit, but I thought he was great.
At the end of the show, we folded the chairs up and put them away. The audience was a good size and they were slow to leave. I had to leave and go home. I have worked every day this week. It 's past my bed time now and I have to work tomorrow. I got called to possibly work on the Game Plan again on Monday , so , I need my beauty rest !!!


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