Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cormier's Comedy Madness

Tonight was the show at the All Asia in Cambridge. It was the first night of the new date/time. Also , it was raining. This was not a good time or place for people to go tonight. I liked the time. It was actually quite convenient for me. However, no audience, for a comedy show. . . . tough. So, making the best of a difficult situation, we had a "Workshop".It was Janet, Nicolette, Chris Nesmith, me and a late arriving Korte Yeo.
Janet started with new material. I thought she had some good stuff, but I think some of the set-ups were too long. Still , enjoyable. Then Nicolette, she is a poet and I like the way she writes. She presented two poems -one titled "Summer" about waiting at a bus stop with her husband and the other about autumn, also ,essentially, centered around her relationship. Then , me. I didn't really do much material . The "workshop" suggested a different country of origin for a new joke I'm tagging into the "booth" material. Japan IS funnier than Australia. And then I rambled for a bit about two premises I have been kicking around for the last year. They both have to do with people sort of floating through environments like they've never been there before -I'm talking supermarkets & subway trains. I spent a lot of time trying to describe the behaviour and Nicolette yelled out that I need to come up for a word for this behavior. Like a sniglet. After I got done with the 'workshop' portion of my stage time, Nicolette yelled out to do the "walking" bit . .. so , I did it.
Chris Nesmith was next, he was also trying to workshop. I started raising my hand after each bit. I don't want to talk about his material, but he had a lot of callbacks he could add. I enjoyed his set and I hope I didn't offend him with my interjections. He seemed fine with it after the show.
Korte got there in the middle of Chris's stuff. He did like 20 minutes. God Bless him ! He kept plugging like a pro ! There were 3 "Civilians" in the bar waiting for the open mike after our little show. I can't remember his new bits, but I thouhgt he did a great job ! Considering ... .
Then Janet re-worked the jokes from the opening. It's her show, she can do that !
I think she was every disappointed at the lack of turnout. I had a good time . I thought it was a constructive use of my time.


Blogger j-sky said...

Hello, I am looking for a friend named Chris Nesmith in Boston. He was just getting into comedy the last time we spoke. Could you tell him Julie said hi? You can give him my email Thanks and good luck.

Thursday, October 19, 2006 10:48:00 PM  

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