Sunday, April 02, 2006

Second Show

Tonight was the second show. Erin Judge hosted it, she did a very good job. The audience was smallish sized, almost 20 people, mostly couples. They were generous enough with the laughs. It was a really good line-up.One of my favorites that I don't get to see that often is a guy named Mike Whitman. I really like his writing and his style. He has quite a bit of material on the phenomenon of ADD. Also, Cyndi Stiles, who I think is a great joke writer was on the bill. That's just the tip of the ice berg. . . .The Beautiful Amy Tee, Amanda Beals did material I hadn't seen before . My friend Margaret and her fiance attended, that was really nice for me.
SO, I thought I did better tonight. I went over the order with more attention today. I did a joke I wrote after the show last night, about daylight savings time. I'm not re-inventing the comedy wheel, but it got a good enough response to start out with. I felt more comfortable about what I was doing. I slowed down and let the jokes do their job. I remembered the material I had forgotten last night. It went well. I screwed up the order on a joke I threw in that I hadn't done for a while and then I re-did the joke. Both efforts got a satisfactory enough response for me to be happy. I was still going when the warning light came on and I had enough time to finish up elegantly and swiftly.
All in all, it was well worth doing. I would like to get a set that is consistent enough with the laughs. .. .. I 'd like to be able to create the same kind of situation when I'm laughing with friends . . .only on stage. Perhaps that's impossible ? I don't want to be everybody's friend, I just want to make us all comfortable enough to laugh together. Next show-Wednesday


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