Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Basic Instinct 2

I see a lot of crap. I do. I'm neither ashamed of it or poud of it . It's just the way I find myself doing things. I am not being led around . This happens with my full consent.
Tonight, we went to see Basic Instinct 2. Starring Sharon Stone, David Thewlis-an English actor who I really like and another English actor I don't know. I wish his character was portrayed by Clive Owen. Those naked scenes with Sharon would have been soooo much better for me if he had been in it. She looks pretty good. I think she's had botox and I think the tits are enhanced. A pretty good job. The story revolves around a murder and then another murder and then some sex and then another murder and then maybe a dirty cop and then another murder. Charlotte Rampling stars as an older doctor, a mentor to the younger doctor that I wish was played by Clive Owen. She was quite the little sex kitten in her day as well. I liked the cinematography. I think it will do better box office in Europe.
To damn it with faint praise- I like Sharon Stone as an actress. Even though she plays a convincing sociopath, I still cared about her character. It proves the theory that guys dig crazy chicks. I still cared more about these characters than those in Failure to Launch.


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Hey Dottie,

I love that you are blogging about CIR. Good luck with the month! It is so awesome!


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