Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Failure to Launch

Where do I begin ?
My friend Cathy and I go see a lot of movies. Mostly crap. We'll see what's starting next, so it fits into the schedule. Tonight we were aiming for Match Point-we ended up with the more recently released Failure to Launch starring Matthew McConnahey,Sarah Jessica Parker, Terry Bradshaw, Zoey Deschanel and Oscar Winner -Cathy Bates. For some reason , the Old Guard of Harvard Square showed up at our local watering hole and respects had to be paid. It took a while and it made us late. .. for the better of the two films- I'm guessing.
SO , the story is about this guy that still lives with his parents at 35. Though I've moved out a couple of times, I've come back home just as many times. My youngest brother never left. Neither of us is going to see 35 again. The characters parents (Terry Bradshaw and Oscar Winner Cathy Bates) hire Sarah Jessica Parker as a "Professional" behavioral type therapist to help make Matthew McConnaughey want to move out. My Mother wishes she could afford something like this. The "romance" ensues when Sarah 's professional character falls for her client Matthew. During the film I tried to figure out how this would qualify as a good romance. And I tried to figure out the last true romance film I saw. It has to be Brokeback Mountain-two people in love , can't be together -the longing, misunderstanding, disappointment, notice those are all pretty negative things . .. . .okay . .. moving on. .. The last romance before Brokeback that I enjoyed was "Love Actually". It was funny, sad, altruistic, triumphant. I enjoyed it a lot . I saw it twice. I bought the sound track. I recieved the dvd for Christmas. Those are characters working on love and being loving and doing the right thing. These characters. . . .I didn't really feel for them and I didn't believe they really had deep feelings for each other. I kept getting distracted by the unnatural brightness of McConnaughey's teeth and the odd hair line. I couldn't figure what was going on with Parker's hair and make-up . If I'm thinking about teeth, fake hair and other movies, watching a movie, well that just ain't good. They even quoted one of my all time favorite films -"The Philadelphia Story" with Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart. Now that's a great film.
Even my friend Cathy, who rarely criticizes our choices (usually just the films I've lobbied for) didn't like it. "Why? Didn't they read the script ? What the hell was that ?"-an existential angst.
And Oscar Winner Cathy Bates -Underutilised talent. She's the only one in the film who I felt like was a real human.This is what winning an Oscar will do for you. Even Ernest Borgnine won an Oscar-he deserved it -"Marty" was amazing. Then he went on and did McHale's Navy. I will admit-I enjoyed the shots of Terry Bradshaw's butt. I like bum-bums.
I think that's it. I paid full price. My bad.


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