Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More Party Thoughts

I am discovering that I missed a lot more than I had previously realized. I'm hearing bits and quotes from the Sunday night broadcast that I didn't see/hear watching the damn thing on wide screen tv. More thoughts about the party :
It was fun to be in a room when people were watching and listening to the screen and the feeling of common union when everyone was applauding the winners on screen, in particular when Reese Witherspoon won. I have this image of people looking up at the screen , like they were watching fireworks, and applauding and smiling.
There was an actual Oscar there that had been loaned by the Scout Porductions people that they had won for Erroll Morris 's film last year about McNamara during the Viet Nam War-"Fog of War". For $10.00 , you could get your picture taken with the Oscar. I've had 3 people respond with astonishment that I didn't have any desire to have my picture taken with someone else's Oscar. I prefer to win my own trophies , thank you.
This was a breast cancer research event and I noticed one tall thin thing wearing a skimpy dress and had obvious implants. I thought it was a little tacky, and possibly dangerous somewhere down the line. I turned to my friend and said "did you see the girl with the fake tits ?" and he said "Which One ? ". .. I had no idea. Turns out that girl was part of Corey Feldman's entourage. I found out because their picture was in the paper the next day.
When we checked in at the front desk, they gave us a program for the evening and a little pink ribbon tie tack. I didn't wear mine because I didn't want to leave a mark on my dress.
The band was the James Montgomery band. A blues band of some reputation , here in Boston.
My friend Lauren and her husband eventually found us and sat with us for a bit. We had a lot of laughs. It was funny to hear her comments about the models.
At the elevators, I bumped into my friend Christy and her hsuband Jay and their friend Barbara and Sal DiMassey. I thought he was one of the producers for Stiffs, a movie that just finished filming here in Boston. Uh no, he's Speaker of the House . All I could do was laugh. Long, loud and uncomfortably. When I got in the elevator, I goosed Christy's husband.


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