Friday, March 03, 2006

An Audition for a Speaking Part

I got called in for an audition for the movie "Gone Baby Gone" set to begin production here in Boston in May. Since I have read all of Denis Lehane's stories (except for the short one that is also going to be a major motion picture) I was pretty psyched. All my little friends and I have read the books. We would buy them and pass them around and discuss amongst ourselves. We liked Denis BEFORE Mystic River became an Oscar winner. I am fond of books that are set in places I have been , or in this case, places I live.
Anyway, I got called in to audition for the character of the woman who is the best friend to the grieving mother. The description for the audition has the character about 10 years younger than I am now. I know from past experience, that I need to do the character like I believe I'm right for the part. Any hesitation will affect the overall presentation. I also know that many times you get brought in for one thing and then get called back for another. That's what happened on "In Dreams".
The character has a thick Boston accent. The one saving grace in having the accent I have is that when they're looking for "An Authentic Boston Accent" I always get a call. Which makes locating to another part of the country problematic.
I got called on Monday, I got my audtion appointment for Thursday on Tuesday . I went to the website and got the audition description and scene. I made myself familiar with the text I would be expected to have it memorized and tried to think about this character. What would she wear ? (What would I wear to the audition?) How should I do my hair. I made sure I had headshots and resumes ready to go before I went to bed on Wed.
Since these situations are so unpredictable, I try to focus on the things I can control-I commit the text to memory, leave on time, show up on time, have my resumes in teh bag and the copy of the script. I had to work , so I brought a shirt to change into. The great thing about this audition was that there was no one else audtioning the same time as me. I was completly alone. Usually the waiting room becomes a little competion about who's working and it can be exhausting. I find the energy required to socialize, mentally draining. SO I wouldn't get distracted from the task at hand by having ot make polite chatter.
The audition went well, but I thought it could have been better. I didn't feel like I was focused enough. I feel like I nailed it on a couple of the lines and sweated the others. They didn't say when they were planning call-backs, that's not a good sign. However, I can't be completely discouraged by it. They just might not know.
I feel I will get called in for something, probably not the character I auditioned for today.


Blogger Dee-Rob said...

I'm so crossing my fingers and stuff.

(Unless there's a theatrical taboo about that.)

Yay! DOT. She's from Ahlington.

Friday, March 03, 2006 2:19:00 PM  

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