Monday, March 06, 2006

The Oscar Night Party

Well, all in all , it was a pretty good night. I decided on the shimmery copper snakeskin print tank dress and the black "Fuck Me" pumps. I wore the Austrian crystal earrings & necklace set. My hair was loose and curly. I did my nails and , of course, they were chipped by the time I got my moisturizer on. I painted them a deep ruby red-to match my lipstck and the primary color in the stones in the necklace. I felt fine. I think I looked presentable.
The event was held at the Bay Tower room at 60 State St., downtown Boston.Steve arrived about 5:40 and when I passed inspection and he had met my Mother we departed for the ball. We got there pretty early and drove around a bit trying to figure out the entrance to 60 State St. I suggested we park on the street. When you live in Boston and try to get anywhere downtown, you rarely think you can actually score some on street parking. From my time doing a show at The Office, I knew there was "off" metered parking spaces to be had nearby. By the time we parked, we both had to pee. It was especially uncomfortable for me because I 'm wearing high heels and I'm anchored down in my "Foundation Garment". So we have to get into the building, check in , check our coats and then find the rest rooms. Steve kept making me laugh, which had me worried I would have an accident. This is great I've written 3 paragraphs and I haven't even got into the building yet. . ..
The view from the Bay Tower room is spectacular. We were there pretty early, which premitted us the opportunity to scope out the rooms. The band was still setting up . Over in the corner , there seemed to be a lot of people, but they were all clustered together , in the middle of a rug. They looked a little uncomfortable and I couldn't figure out why all these people would be clustered together like that when they had all this room ? They were the "party goers" in the back ground for some sort of television reporter . It was weird to see from a distance.
After we had checked things out, we sat down at a table in front of the stage , within view of two of the giant screens. Steve set out to look for the SAG area that Fran had told him there would be. I sat at the table by myself and looked sophisticated and uninterested. The centerpieces were boxes of candy-sour patch kids, Wonka bar, chocolate covered nuts, red twizzlers and a martini glass of pop corn. There were little metallic stars and a piece of plastic "Filmstock" all on top of a traditional white table cloth. It tied in to the movie theme for the night and made things very festive. I ate all the pop corn. They did not come by to refill the martini glasses.
Steve returned with some amazing oysters and shortly after, Fran and Andrea showed up. Andrea had on a vintage prom dress and a tiara. She looked beautiful ! Then my friend Chris Burke cruised by, he was wearing his own vintage tux. Later on we were joined by Diana.Diana looks like Cyndi Lauper. Diana was a little cool to me , but , still she sat down with us. About an hour later she turned to me with a big smile on her face "Oh! Dorothy !!!! I didn't recognize you with your hair ! " She sat down, knew my face , but didn't know how she knew me. We all basically know each other from doing movie extra work. You get to know somebody pretty well if you've been hanging with them since 5AM for 12 hours.This hair cut has been a pretty clever disguise. Either that , or I 've really been looking like shit for a long time . .. .
The band played for about 45 minutes, then Liz Bruner from Channel 5 and Anthony the weather guy , got up to the podium and greeted everyone before the broadcast began. I had a difficult time hearing a lot of the opening monologue because the technicians were adjusting the sound and the tv was competing with several conversations at my table , mostly revolving about when the open bar closed. There were a lot of beautifully dressed men and women. There were also some bizarre characters, I don't think they were Union people. My friend Lauren and her husband kept walking by, I would wave , but they didn't see me.
There were waiters circulating with some delicious snacks-roast beef on rice, grilled shrimp on a bed of spinach leaves, little cups of lobster bisque and a potato/cavier soup. Steve and Chris got bread and vegatables things and Diana brought back bread and sauce. I stayed put since I was afraid I would hurt myself walking.I decided I was in charge of base camp. At 10 pm , the ice cream bar opened.
At the commercial breaks ,there were fashion shows of different local designers. They clearly didn't have anyone dressing the girls, because a lot of them couldn't fill out the tops of their dresses. That's where toilet paper stuffing would come in handy. All the models were wearing glasses with their outfits, which they would take off before the turn. I guess there was an Optical shop that was also sponsor. Miss Massachusetts was there as well. Chris pointed out she is a "Lawrencian"-meaning she's from Lawrence. He's originally from Andover, so he would know these things.
At our table , there were some lively discussions about the merits of the nominees. Chris is a film maker as well as an actor. I think I was the only one at table that had seen all the films. When I say "all the films" , I mean just the top 5 nominees. We were pretty evenly split on the best picture winner. I was sure Crash would win because it was more socially accessible to most of America whereas Brokeback had an appeal to middle America and gay people. That doesn't mean that most of America doesn't like mountains, but everybody drives. . .I'll discuss the movie thing some other time.
To conclude the evening, we recieved gift bags . However, not all gift bags were filled equally. Some bags had t-shirts in them and mine , didn't have a t-shirt in it. It had a Boston Common magazine, a $2. 00 gift certificate for Baskin Robbins, a little thing of Dunkin Donuts coffee, a box of chocolates all contained in a pink plastic bag. I didn't attend to get the gift bag, but I 'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed in the contents of the bag I received.
All in all, it was a pretty fun night. We had some great laughs and I ate some food I wouldn't ordinarily choose for myself. It was nice to get dressed up and hang out with my fellow union members. Also, the Ellie fund is a good cause. However, next year, I think I'm going to stay at home in my sweat pants and microwave some pop corn.


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