Friday, February 24, 2006

Bathrobe Bound

I'm sitting here not getting ready for work. I checked the Kvetch Board, my friend Denises's blog and my friend Korte's blog. Dee had updated it 3 times since the last time I checked, Korte hasn't touched his in a couple of weeks. I wonder what the etiquette is to nudge a person to update their blog ? Man. . . . I don't have time to waste , yet here I am noodling around in the ether.
My back hurts, more specifically my right hip. I'm hungry , but I don't know what to eat. I caught some Girl Scouts selling cookies last night and got a couple of boxes. . . for my private use. The Lemons and some chocolatey-biscuit things. I'd really like some fried clams right about now.
This isn't a very good blog. I should have a story line or a point. Today, I don't.


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