Friday, November 13, 2009

How Things Have Changed

Due to a domestic situation, I am spending a lot more time at home cooking & cleaning. Yes, that is not a typo-cooking & cleaning. In the last couple of months I have become adept at making scrambled eggs, pea soup from scratch & fantastic grilled cheese sandwiches. I can make a complete dinner -Salad, mashed potatoes, meat entree and dessert in under an hour. However, what has prompted my writing tonight was that I bought a turkey during this week's grocery shopping . I got an almost 12 pound turkey for $6.50. It was on sale for .49 a pound. It's frozen and I'm going to have to start defrosting it 3 days before Thanksgiving. . .. but . . . .dammit. . .I have a turkey.
No, I have never cooked a turkey before. However, if I was going to completely trash a turkey in the learning process, $6.50 seems like a more than reasonable price to pay for the experience. I am excited. I got a bargain. An edible bargain. I have attempted to cook a turkey twice before and was unable to carry through with the effort. Let's just say I was shot and was unable to finish the battle. It being a holiday with the family, "battle"seems like an appropriate word to use.
When I am done cooking said bargain turkey, I will make turkey soup. No, I have never made turkey soup from scratch either. This is the year. I am old enough and I am brave enough. There ! So, I will let you know how it goes.


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