Thursday, June 19, 2008

Life Is A Parade

I don't know if you've heard, but the Boston Celtics, my hometown major league basketball team won the championship . They had a "rolling rally" here in Boston. It's really a parade without the marching bands. A Sea of green, like St. Patrick's Day, but without the gay controversies. And , it just so happens, said rolling rally rolled right by my job. We closed for a couple of hours because we are not big enough to accomodate the plumbing needs of the thousands of young drunkards innundating our little tourist center. There were 20 porta-johns right next to our building. They could spew their puke in there. No , it's not pretty but neither is our little place of business awash in 2 inches of puke mixed with urine seasoned to taste with feces. No sir-ree, you can use the out houses, until the time is right.
My co-workers went out into the multitudes while I held down the fort inside. I opened a window and stood on a bench to watch the Celts go by. I made a couple of calls . I answered the phone. The weekend manager called in to check the progress of the the rally, because I assume he was trying to get to Copley Square before the team did. My big boss called wanting to know how things were going and a co-worker called to say she could see me at the window of the center on tv, where she was watching the festivities from home.
There were thousands of people out there. There was a SWAT Team truck set up near the street . There were cops on horses, bicycles and feet. There were Transit cops, Boston Police and Rangers. There were even a couple of Inspectional Services Cops on duty. There were tons of kids dressed in varying shades of green. Even the historical guides were wearing green and trying to conduct their tours. Pretty difficult , because you couldn't cross the street for a couple of hours. I never really thought about how most of the Freedom Trail is actually across the street . . .
It was very energetic and , fortunately , not too dangerous. Every one seemed to be on the same page, celebrating wise. We had a few tourists who had no idea what was going on and couldn't quite get their heads around the need for a parade for a basketball team. Some of them were pissed, but most were pretty good-natured about the whole thing.
There was a time , long time ago , when giants walked the earth. When guys named Bird, McCale, Chief and DJ showed the world how it was done. That 's the time in my life when I used to go to basketball games and followed what was going on . I was peripherally aware of this season's team. I knew that "Big Baby" was making a big difference to the Celts. Yes , I watched some of the final games , and I was pretty proud and impressed by the play.
I was at the last parade they had for the Celtics. I went with my friend Susan who was a really big fan. I even have pictures somewhere. Ohhh, it was long ago and so many pounds before this . .


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