Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Crisis Averted

Oh, today at work was a busy one. We had 8 people behind the counter. It started as soon as we opened the doors and kept up heavy until around 1 PM. I had a lady with a school group with 53 kids looking for their 10 o'clock tour at 10:15 am. She didn't know the name of the company that she had booked it with .She just had a woman's name and a phone number. I called the company that I thought had booked the tour, they didn't have her. So , I went out to talk with the other tour guide that it could possibly be with. He recognized the name & number that the woman had but he didn't have a school group booked.
The lady started to hyperventilate. She was insistant that she had indeed booked the tour-even though she didn't know the name of the company that she had booked it with. She was really upset and I thought she was going to cry . I assured her that this happens from time to time and not to worry , we would work something out. She just shouldn't let the kids see her get upset. They have no way of knowing something is wrong, they can just amuse themselves until this gets resolved. I was worried I might have to run a tour, and I am not prepared to do that.
The guy who works for the company that she thought she had booked it with started making phone calls. He had no one on staff to come in. So, rather than disappoint the kids, he called his rival tour company and they sent somebody over. In the meantime, I'm talking to the ladies' sister who is lost down near the Aquarium. She can't seem to get into , or stay , in the left lane to get to where we are, where her sister and niece are. I know driving is tough in Boston , but she's from New Hampshire, a left hand turn is still just a left hand turn. I'm talking her in to where we are. Then ,when she finally gets to the Common, she needs to know where to park. It's a right and a right from where we are. I tell her this information 4 times. She does not believe me. After getting her unlost, she still doesn't trust me. I'm from Boston after all and inherently evil.
One of the chaperones who has witnessed my extraordinary feat of customer service comes into the center and says "I saw what you did. This is for you . After all that , she didn't even say thank you !" and she handed me a $10.00 tip. Honestly, I didn't do it for the tip. The lady and her sister were in crisis mode and I knew I could get them through this .
It's amazing the little dramas that unfold all around us. My manager wondered where I was, but she knew I was helping a customer. It was a crazy day.


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