Friday, June 13, 2008

Hard-Working "Actress"

So , I worked on the film starring Bruce Willis and Ving Rhames for the last 2 days. I am really tired and I have gone from exhausted , past second wind into slightly delireous/ possibly crazy. . . . No way do I want to get into bed. I'm gonna wander around the house and get nothing done, molest the cat and probably curl up into a ball and start crying & rocking for no reason in the corner of the dining room. I should get into bed, but I won't! I don't know why.
SO . ... yesterday , my call time was 5:30AM. Yeah. 5:30. A.M. I had to get up at 3:30 in order to leave by 4:30 to arrive on time. They were going alphabetically . There were poor souls who had to get there earlier than me ! There were about 300 of us. Most of us had a costume fitting last week and then , when we got there yesterday,they said there had been a change of plans and they needed different outfits. Fortunately for me, I had added a t-shirt under the jacket they had selected and I automatically brought extra shoes and a pair of socks. They gave me a crocheted vest and I was good to go . I had a lovely breakfast of 2 eggs over easy, bacon and wheat toast. My buddy Steve was there and a woman I have hung out with on movie sets before named Maureen. The 3 of us hung out most of the day. We didn't actually get onto to set until around 12:30 and then we broke for lunch.
Then , after lunch , we got a little more action , but really, we were just standing around all day. We got to see both lead actors, from a distance, but they were there. I got to hang out a bit with a comic named Chris Oake. He's always great to hang out with because he always has something funny to say about what we're witnessing. By the time I got to hanging out with Chris, my eye had started to run. It was killing me and it looked like I had snot goming out of that eye. It was so painful. It was allergies and I was not the only one to have that reaction. They wrapped us for the evening at 8PM. I gave a friend a ride to Cambridge, we got stuck behind an accident in the tunnel and I didn't get home until 9:30PM. I was tired and in pain and I couldn't go to bed until I checked my email to get my call time for today. I missed a great party at the Comedy Studio last night, but I was really in pain.
My call time for today was 7:30 AM. Not so bad. Getting up at 5:30 felt like I was sleeping in !I wore the other outfit they had selected at my fitting. I brought yesterday's outfit as well, just in case. I had a breakfast sandwich for my "Non-Deductible Breakfast". Today, there were only 52 of us. Much more manageable. The atmosphere was a lot different , too. Much more laid-back. Of course, today, we went right to set and they started using us right away. We were pretty active right up until lunch. My eyes were much more cooperative today.
I had been applying suncreen liberally all day. Of course, I forgot to apply any to my neck today. Don't know why I did it yesterday and not today, but I didn't. It's not such a good idea to get your neck sunburned at my age , but that 's what happened. We weren't used that much in the afternoon. Our holding area was a bus, they are air conditioned for our comfort but I found my bus to be very cold so, I got off the bus, and I sat on a chair in the shade. People are atrange. I was sitting by myself and before I knew it , there were 3 20 somethings hanging around me . It's like they figured I was the only person they hadn't talked with and it was now my turn. I was a little awed by how smart they were, MIT types, seriously , the girl had a degree in mechanical engineering. But ,of course, it devolved into a conversation about prematurely gray haired people , in depth and not very interesting and the Red Hat society. Don't know why they chose those topics, but , there you have it. It wasn't unpleasant, but it felt wierd. On a movie set , you can't get away from those kind of people.
They wrapped us at 7. Not such a bad day. I got home a little after 8. And . .. here I am . . . not sleeping.
I'm glad I was able to work on the film. Even just as a background performer, I love working on a movie and seeing how things get done (and , also, how some things don't get done ! ). Okay, now Im ready to lay down. Sleeping until 7 tomorrow morning is going to feel terribly decadent !


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