Thursday, July 13, 2006

Elvis Costello Concert

Tonight my old friend Margaret and I went to see Elvis Costello with Alan Toussaint tonight at the Pavillion. Originally, her boyfriend was supposed to attend but he had something come up , so, I was not her first choice. I'm not sloppy seconds, but I wasn't her first choice. Though, I 'm glad I was able to attend. This is probably the third time I've seen him in concert, the second time with Margaret. The last time we saw him together, she was married. Ah well.. . . .
Alan Toussaint is a legend in the music business who is based in New Orleans. After Katrina, everything was gone. I don't know how it came to be that he's touring , because he hasn't done it in years, but it sure was cool to see him tonight. I know he produced something on "Spike" and he's produced a bunch of stuff for Irma Thomas-the Queen of New Orleans Soul-who've I've seen many times and I think I 've got everyting she's done.
I think Elvis 's voice is incredible. It is not a classic sound, but it is pure in it's own way. It's always energizing for me to be in the presence of that kind of talent. His back-up band was incredible. I especially liked the trombone player "Big Sam" . He moved beautifully. I loved watching him dance. Silky , New Orleans smooth. He danced a type of two step. He looked gorgeous in his suit and scully cap.
Elvis did a lot of new stuff from the album. He introduced a song (I can't remember the title) by making the sign of the cross and saying "In the name of The Father and the Son and Gasoline and the Gun". Very IRAy. Angry middle -aged man. The crowd loved it !
Fortunately (for me) he did a lot of the classics,too. I got a little misty eyed during "Allison". It was a stormy rainy night here in Boston and you could hear the rain pounding the top of the tent. It was a nice backdrop behind some of the quieter interludes. He performed " Slipping and Sliding" and Margaret and I started twisting. I know I was doing it right because when I was done I had a stitch in my side.
I want to get " River in Reverse" . I really enjoyed the show. I'm glad I went. I wish I could provide better details, but I'm really tired . Nighty -night.


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Jealous! That's what I am.

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