Monday, February 20, 2006

A Curious Horse

It was a couple of weeks ago and it was a beautiful day on the common. The Ranger of the Year was working and he was riding Fred. Fred is an alpha horse. Other horses, herd horses, will whinny to each other if they can hear another horse in the distance. They want to be in the herd, like dogs prefer to run in packs (some people are like that , too!). Fred doesn't give a shit about other horses. He's working and he'd like to be fed. That's it.
I don't know how you size a horse , but he's big and chestnut brown with black hair. He is sentient and looks you right in the eye. When he's not walking around the park, he's tied up to a post out back. He looks at everybody who comes in or goes out. He's on duty as well.
The manager had gone to a meeting and it was just a couple of us in the center. I looked up to see the Ranger and Fred standing outside the door looking in. I was concerned because I thought there was something going on right outside the door and we couldn't see it from inside. I opened the door to step outside to see what was going on. I was still inside the center but stood in the door to ask what was going on. Fred looked at me and thought I was talking to him and he started to walk into the center. He's a big horse and if we got him in we would have a hard time getting him out. So, he just stuck his head in and looked around. Apparently , he thought there might be some food in there for him . There was, but nothing he should really be ingesting.
I know this may seem kind of quaint and boring but I think it's really neat that I work at a job where I can interact with horses every once in a while. These horses are well cared for and the Rangers treat them with respect and affection. I love when a Ranger will talk about one of the horses like he's a co-worker or a relative. In much the same way my friends and I will talk about a house pet. It was funny that Fred wanted to come into the center to see what we were up to . He's a great horse.


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