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Open Mike at Spank

This is taking a lot longer than I anticipated. I can't believe I found the time to write all this stuff. I think I've still got 10 pages left to transcribe from my notebook. Oh well, here goes . . .

August 29, 2005 -5:05 AM -The Flat
Brian's last show was bittersweet. There were about 12 people , including Andy and the woman from the Montreal Comedy Festival. She introduced herself to Brian after the show. Brian was unsure whether that was a good thing or a bad thing.
I headed home to catch up on the blog. Andy and I set out to Frankenstein's for Karaoke. Wendy really wanted to go for the Karoake as did Kris. I just needed to kill some time.
Spank was doing an open mike. Though, in hindsight, it really wasn't. There was no sign up sheet and no one could give us any specifics. I ended up as half a queue with this kid who had been doing stand-up since April. We waited outside, the 2 of us, even though we both had venue passes, because that's where they told us to stand. Eventually, we wised up to just use our passes and go in and watch the show. I remember Robin Ince was there, still fairly bitter and pissed off , not even really drunk. That ginger haired gnome that I don't like-Andrew Lawrence. The sketch group from the first night that did the glass pantomime. Their name was "Trap".
At half time, I think my Chanel scarf went missing. It was a great scarf that would keep me very warm. I didn't know it was gone until the end of the night. I am very sad about the loss.
Also, I got to speak to Dean Cameron and he asked for my blog address. What am I going to do ? What am I doing ? What if he actually reads my blog ? Ah well, I'll cross that bridge if I get to it . (As of Sept. 7 , Dean Cameron HAD looked at my blog and I lived to tell the tale).
Topping and Butch were the first act in the second half. They were all leather and latex. Really quite cute and funny(and gay). They got Ed and Charlie up. ( they are the owners of the UnderBelly and Baby Belly). Ed and Charlie were wearing the same outfits as Topping and Butch only in Red Leather and they both had their boxer shorts showing. They did a little song parody. All the Underbelly staff were hooting and hollering. Then one of the staff , named Malcolm, did stand up for the first time.
Then we get to the Tag -team portion of the evening -what I thought was going to be the "Open Mike". They would let you go and if the crowd was shouting you down or they thought you had been on too long, they just yelled the next name of the next guy. I was the only woman. I wished I could have remembered more jokes. I guess I lasted a lot longer than it seemed. It was okay. I honestly don't know if anyone laughed. There were about 12 of us in total. Victor Isaacs got up and dropped trough -always a delight. Reggie Watts was behind me. Leon also got Mickey, the tech staff to get on stage and also drop trough. So, Leon and Mickey were naked on stage. I can't believe how many naked men I've seen this month ! The set closed out with Stephen Hughes who finished with an impression of Andrew Lawrence. Mr. Hughes also has no appreciation of the little bugger.
Then Leon and James thanked the staff individually and brought them up onstage and then we all sang Hey Jude. It was really quite a fitting manner to end the festival. Everyone was hugging and kissing. Victor, Lisa, Andy, Wendy, Kris and I hugged and kissed. The staff started clearing tables and chairs.
I was dancing out of the club when I realized my scarf was gone. I said the St. Anthony prayer . I hope I get it back. It will keep me warm on the plane.
Kris and I hoofed it up to the Library Bar before they stopped letting people in, because they're closing. Kris and I didn't see anybody we knew so he said he was going to go home and I said I was going to go upstairs. I told him to have a safe trip . I was upstairs on the balcony looking to see if anybody I knew was there -Duncan, Johnny, Alex or Rain. Then I saw Brian and Kris standing at the bar. I just watched them to see how long it would take them to notice me. It was a long time.
Andrew came in from the Shaken and Stirred show. He said the Fringe had been a really great experience for him because I was here to participate. I'm sure he meant it , but I couldn't help feeling very unmoved by his expression. Andrew headed on down into the crowd when I noticed Kris heading for the stairs to come up on the balcony. So I left ! Ah ha ha ha ha ha !
I met Wendy , Liam, Andy and Lisa coming in , on my way out. I leant them my Library Pass and headed out through the Meadows.
It is now 6 AM and Andy has just left for the airport.


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