Monday, September 05, 2005

Finishing the End

I have been home alomost a week now. This is the first chance I have had to finish the blog. I will try to finish up Scotland and perhaps get on to more current events. Forethwith:

August 28, 2005-9:20PM- The Flat

The wind is howling outside. Sounds like a Nor'easter. It's been cool here and rainy. Kris called and woke me up at 1:30 PM -Thank Goodness !!! Then Lisa called and said Victor could get us into the Nigerian Spam Scam Scam, if we got to the Gilded Baloon by 3:30. I got there early and had today's dose of curry chips. I get some satisfaction that the guys at the Gora Pakora truck recognize me and know what I'm going to order.
Lisa found Victor upstairs, and Dean was there. We were all sort of chatting and
Dean expressed the concern that he "Looked small" ( he used a different word) when he did the naked promo the other night. I was quick to reassure him that he looked fine. Even better than the Naked Show and then I confessed my crush on him. He said he didn't believe me and then I told him to check my blog. Can you imagine ? Dean Cameron checking my blog ? Ah .. well . . . ..any way . .. .
Dean Cameron wrote the Nigerian Spam Scam Scam. I thought Paul Provenza had written it - but he did direct it. It's a true account of Dean's correspondence with one of these computer scams . He strung them along for 11 months. Dean plays himself and Victor Isaacs plays all the Nigerian characters. Leon Fleury had a part as a rival Nigerian scammer. All in all a very intersting subject -well written and well executed. (As an aside, I was telling my best friend Margaret and her boyfriend about the show and they both knew the story well and were quoting from the website like it was Monty Python. I was impressed that they knew the story so well. If it hasn't been covered in Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair or Oprah , I ain't going to know about it).
At the end of the show, Dean and Victor collect stuff for the DHL box that Dean will eventually send to the scammers. I donated a cough drop and I gave one to Dean as well. Ooooo! We ate together !!!!
I headed off to the Tesco's to get McVittie's digestive crackers as a departing gift for the box office staff and Sylvia and Lou our Technicians. Not a particularly glamorous gift but something I would appreciate recieving. However, turns out I didn't have my wallet. I called Brian to check that it was at home, it was, so I trekked back to the flat. Then headed back out to the Tesco's and on the Baby Bellly to witness Brian's last show. All the while wearing my now scruffy and smelly pink fleece hoodie because that's all I have to keep me warm.


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