Sunday, December 20, 2009

Husband Fantasy

It's finished snowing here on the east coast. It was a certified blizzard. It is truly beautiful to look at. The snow is very light and fluffy. It is still overcast out there. The sky is gray.Though it is much warmer than it was all last week. It has to be warm enough to snow . This blizzard was part of a weather front that came up the coast. I guess DC & NYC got hit really bad. The weather was so bad, work told me not to come in. That's saying soemthing the Sunday before XMas.
So, as I shovelled the walk and the driveway for the third time.Had to shovel it before it freezes. I was thinking , wouldn't it be nice to have a husband to shovel this ? I look at the neighbors across the street and a couple of houses down . All the shovelling and snow blowing done by the husbands. Though, the lady next door, has a small snow blower, she does it herself. She hasn't done it yet, but she will eventually.
Shovelling is when I wish I had a husband. Then , after some reflection, I realize I probably wouldn't have gotten a snow shovelling husband. I would probably get a snow plow husband who gets paid to shovel other people out . Or a Sunday , football watching, beer drinking , watching the game is more important than shovelling the walk kind of husband. Marrying someone for their snow shovelling abilities is probably not a good reason to get married in the first place .. .Guess I'm lucky.


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